The Mysterious Girl

Last night, when the strong wind was blowing all around, lightning in the sky and the sounds of the thunderstorm were just terrifying. Someone was ambling around. I just saw her back and I reached near her and when I was about to keep my hand on her shoulder unexpectedly she just ran from one corner of the road to another and then she faded away. What? I just wondered. I rubbed my eyes twice and still I was stunned. Who was she? I was just speechless.

Then I decided that sooner or later I will see her face. But wait; where should I go next? Ok, so I have one idea first I will go to the point from where she disappeared. Now finally I reached there. Now, where should I go? Wait I saw someone. Who is that? Yes, remember the same jacket which she is wearing was worn by that same girl who disappeared. Now, I was very pleased because I found that unknown person who disappeared. Then I followed her. When I followed her she first went to the old house situated in the way to jungle. The house was incredibly nasty. I was very scared. With her, I also went inside the house the room was very dirty having spider webs in the ceiling and things were thrown here and there, dust everywhere and just disgusting. But to see her face I went behind her. There was one old pot . She drank water from it and came out of the house. Standing out of the door I saw all the activities of her.

She then rushed towards the path of the jungle. I somewhere had heard that in that jungle 100year old closed cave was situated there. Then my fear increased to the next level. But still, I wanted to know who was she? Then it happened that only what I thought. She stood in front of that old cave. The cave was closed by big stones. One by one she removed all the stones. I was stunned by seeing her strength. Then she took some grass, some small stones, and some dry leaves and went inside the cave. I accordingly followed her.Similarly, she then took 2 stones rubbed them, and fired up. I also started feeling very warm in that cold weather. But what I saw in front of me on the floor? There was the long and dark shadow of the person. I was frightened. Slowly compiling the whole of my strength I dare to see back. What I see?? After seeing that I was not speculating it whatever I saw. Do you also want to know what I saw? Ok, I will tell you. I saw that girl whom I followed since that moment. I saw that her eyes looked the same as mine, the nose is also similar. From head to feet everything was the same. But how can it be possible how can I only be that girl whom I was searching for since that moment? How? How? How? She then slowly came towards me. My heartbeat increased.

She then touched my hand. “Wake up! Wake up!” she said, stony-faced. Then I without thinking anything said, “5 mins more, let me sleep.” I guess till now you have already predicted what had happened. Yes, it was true. I was in deep sleep and was seeing this dream. I saw me myself in the dream .When I didn’t wake up my brother brought a glass of water and poured it in my face. Then I woke up and knew it was my dream. I was laughing slowly. And going to the flashback if you remembered in the middle of the story inside the cave I was feeling very warm. For this thanks to the heater there in my room which was on by my brother to warm his feet and hands in the morning .Ugh! What was this? What I thought and what had happened? Hehe, I was laughing a lot inside and smiling outside. Hehe, then I woke up from my bed and went to the washroom to be refreshed.

Dipa Khanal
Grade: 10
Valley View English School, Mid- Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Valley View English School organized ‘A Three Day Creative Writing Workshop’ collaborated with Global College and British Council. Later there was story writing competition and ‘The Mysterious Girl’ is one of the best stories.

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