Wastes in Kathmandu; challenge and opportunity  

(Picture taken; June 8, 2022. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar)


Jenisha Gautam/Class -9 Asian Public School

Waste management entails disposing of and recycling waste. In practically every economy, waste management has emerged as a major issue. It is crucial to monitor waste materials in order to maintain a healthy life and maintain a proper environment. Furthermore, efficient waste management strategies must be used while keeping environmental concerns in mind. There are different methods and procedures for disposing of rubbish. And approaches like recycling, landfills, etc are extremely helpful in removing waste without harming the environment.

In Kathmandu metropolitan city of Nepal, the problem of waste management has been increasing right now. From several researches we could find that, wastes are generated on an exponential rate when compared with the rate at which we dispose waste. Some of the many activities that are involved in the management of waste include transporting, collecting, supervising, handling, discarding and the regulating of the waste and all the other procedures involved in the management of waste. But the citizens living in Kathmandu say that the trucks haven’t collected waste for a very long time and the wastes are piling up at the side or streets and places that are supposed to be clean and tidy. After several investigations and questioning it was finally revealed that the process of recycling of wastes isn’t going well and residents of areas near dumping sites have been complaining about the wastes and the pollution caused by it. Our mayor has taken some actions in order to manage long term solution of this problem. Many young people have joined in, helping in recycling, reusing and reducing the wastes produced. Many households have taken up responsibility of separating wastes based on their materials which has made the campaign easier. 

However, the people who live in slums have been affected the most by this problem in waste management. As people keep waste in similar areas the danger of disease spreading is increasing. Many necessary actions have been taken about this problem that has been harming both biotic and a biotic component of the environment, the water and air is getting polluted while streets are getting dirtier & animals are helpless. We really do hope this problem of waste management gets solved as soon as possible.

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