Me against the World

*Dedicated to women all over the world suffering from women violence whose voice remains unheard. *

I try to eschew from all this absurdity,

But it follows me

Like a recurring nightmare,

Haunting and distressing me.

Like the feeling of waking up drenched with sweat and full of anxiety,

Like something dreadful is happening,

Like this whole world is agonizing me.


I try to believe better days are yet to come,

But everything just contradicts my contemplation.

It’s as if no one fathoms my frustration,

It’s as if I’ve lost all my motivation.

It’s as if everything is a violation;

against me and my existence.

It’s as if the world holds strong condemnation;

for my sentience in this world.


I cry and wait for help.

I wait.

I wait for my cries of help to be heard.

I wait and wait for justice to prevail upon me and my kind.

While I hold strong distaste for the world,

It’s this very world that I hinge upon for mercy,

It’s this very world that I stand on.


Do you hate me?

Do you despise me?

Do you detest me? For wanting equity.


Do you pity me?

Do you hold sympathy for me?

Do you have compassion for me? For wanting impartiality.


Is it just that you want me to suffer,

while you thrive with your freedom and liberty?

Cause apparently, you’re the one who deserves better,

And that I’m just another sickening liar.


Samriddhi Pokharel

Class: 10 ‘Sagarmatha’

Valley View School Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu Nepal

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