Significance of Online Class

Due to the vast effect of COVID-19, the educational institutions are not able to function naturally. To prevent the further transmission of corona virus, the government of Nepal has decided to keep such institutions closed until the situations becomes normal again. In such context, there is a great significance of online classes for students. Not only it continues the learning process, but also makes the students habitual towards studying.

Online classes have become the bridge to connect students to learning in these times. Had there not been online classes, students would have been idle in home. Online classes have prevented the students from being lazy and inactive. According to Darwin, time changes and only the ones who adapt to their environment and accept the changes, survive. Similarly, conducting online classes are the alternative ways to progress teaching-learning activities when being present physically in classes is not possible.

As we know, Nepal is a developing country and there is not good facilities of internet connection in all parts of the country. To solve this problem, the government of Nepal has also provided the access to online classes to students via TVs and radios all over Nepal. Learning is a lifelong process and it needs to run throughout the life. Online classes have favored the students in this regard.

As a student, I have also been a part of online classes. It has been a great help to me for continuing my studies. The accessibility of online classes is quite useful. When I was unable to reach classes physically, the entire classes would be missed but online classes can be recorded, archived and shared for future reference. This facility is really useful as it can improve student’s presence in class.

The inclusion of online classes has been fruitful to students not only from academic point of view but they can also learn the uses of technological devices. They can learn about the various ways of connecting to the people even if people are locked at their homes. In the 21st century, technology has become a part of life. Learning to use the means of technology has also become an important skill to know.

Online classes can be attended from home itself so, the time in travelling from home to school will be saved. Saving a bit of a time everyday will result in a big amount of time saved in long time period. Similarly, teaching and clearing the concept of students will also be easier as resources available on the internet can be easily viewed in online classes.

In this way, online classes can prove as a boon to students in extraordinary circumstances. They have become a part of daily life in today’s time. It can be really beneficial for students however the time of classes should be limited or else it might affect the eyes and mental health of students. Since online classes have more benefits in current situation, it has a great significance in improving student’s life.

Pukar Kadel


Valley View English School

Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu

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