• Sara
  • Mother
  • James

Oh! Hello there what are you doing, sweetie? Oh, I am just watering the plants in my garden you are very small enough to do these things, aren’t you? Yes, I am but, I believe that if we do anything that makes us happy, that matters the most in life. I see you are a very sweet and intelligent, little girl


One fine morning, the sun was shining bright and the birds were singing with a sweet voice. It was 8 o’clock in the morning. The little girl opened her window and saw the view. As she was mesmerized by the view, her mother called her downstairs to have her breakfast. Then, she headed for her school.  While travelling to school, she saw some kids who were homeless and were lonely in the street. She asked her mother‘s help to lend some money and gave some food and clothes to the kids. Her mother was very happy to observe her caring nature.

(In the school)

Good morning class!

(Everybody) Good morning, teacher!

Except the little girl

(Teacher)  good morning, (Sara) – the little girl. Teacher questions, ‘why are you lost in the class, Huh?’ Oh! Sorry, teacher. I was just wondering about something. Is it according to our context, if no then, what is it? No, teacher well while I was coming to school, I saw some kids in the street. I offered them some help. But, is it enough for them, I was just wondering sweetie, you have done your best from you side. Now, let’s just hope for the best. (Sara) – Ok, teacher.

The days passed. Sara was growing into a teenager. Now, Sara was not just a little girl but she became a grown up girl. One day, Sara was reading a novel in her room. After few hours, she heard a phone call. There was nobody in the home. She went downstairs to pick the phone. (Phone was ringing…….) As she was holding the phone, she saw an unknown number. Sara was a little scared but she returned to that call (Sara) – Hello! The person in the phone – ‘your mother had a car accident! She is no more.

As she heard it, she was scattered.

Few hours later……….

Sara was left alone. She had nobody share her sorrows with and rely on. She went to the church. As she went to the church, she cried a lot and remembered the beautiful moments that she had spent with her mother.

Time passed, Day passed.

Sara was growing and learning day by day. She used to remember her mother. Once her mother had said little girl, ‘I am very proud of you. I believe that in your future, you will help and care for the people as I had done’. She became very emotional when she remembered the moment when her mother had said, “I see, you are very sweet and intelligent, little girl”.

Few months later………..

Sara was living in Paris, France. She was trying really hard to apply for a job. Few days later, she met a boy named (James). She met him in a restaurant in Paris. They both were applying for the same job. So, because of that, they talked with each other several times. James even helped Sara for her job soon. They became colleagues and started to their jobs together. They used to spend a lot of times in the restaurant.

Time passed, Days passed

From colleagues they became lovers, they fell in love and married with each other.

One day, Sara was really disturbed from that day, she seemed to be a very quiet and depressed person for a few days, James saw her in a very different mood than before but, he never asked her. One evening, he went to her and asked, what is the problem?’

Sara replied, I don’t want to do this job. I want to do social work and help people and I just want to see those beautiful smiles on the faces when I help people James replied, “I am with you”. As he said this, Sara saw a glimpse of her mother in James. Then, she realized that her mother was always with her who was supporting her even though she didn’t see her.

Few weeks later………..

James and Sara went to California to travel because James wanted to spend time with his wife. They planned to have a dinner in a restaurant. They went to a restaurant in the evening and had their dinner. After they had their dinner, they left for the hotel. They were staying in while heading towards the hotel; they saw two strangers in the street. (Strangers – staring) They found, it was really awkward. So, they asked them, what was the problem?

(Stranger – staring)

Poor, Sara thought that they were homeless and needy people. Little did she knows, that they were thieves. Sara took out some money from her purse. As soon as she took out money from her purse, the thieves snatched her purse and ran away. Then, James and Sara realized that they were thieves. (After realizing) James runs to catch those thieves. While James was trying to get the purse, they had a fight, where one of the thieves was badly injured. Finally, he got her purse and gave it to her.


Few years later……….

As Sara was chasing for her dream, she was finally in the right track and was completely sure about her decision for her life. She wanted to start a new journey she wanted to build a home where people who had nobody. People who were lonely, people who wanted help should have a home to live in. (Sara to James) – I am very happy, I did it. James – yes, you did it. She made her work reach to various people and various countries.


Time passed. She became very successful and famous in the field of social work. Through she became a very successful woman, when she always remembers her mother. She always remembers the beautiful times that she had spent with her and cherishes it with joy.

Despite being a social worker, she was a writer as well she even wrote a book. Where a writer as well she even wrote a book, where last line of the book says, HOPE…… sometimes that’s all, you have when you have nothing else. If you have it, you have everything.

So, as being a writer to this story, I believe, “The thought of hope is eternal. It provides us the sense of protection that everything is going to be normal, positive and joyful once again.”


HAVE Faith!

As Sara was watching the beautiful view through her window in the morning, she thought that her mother might call her. She had a





Shreyasa Shrestha

Grade: 10

Valley View English School, Mid- Baneshwor, Kathmandu


Valley View English School organized Creative Writing Workshop collaborated with Global College. Later there was story writing competition and Hope is one of the best stories.



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